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9537.96 IN 3 BY 50


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Being physically active is one of the most powerful tools we have to fight 'ageing', to fight depression. Physical activity, especially outdoors, makes us feel better - our mood improves, gives us more energy and endorphins. Sport is a great way to de-stress. It allows us to expel bad emotions, calm negative thoughts and quiet our busy minds with everyday matters. We find sport relaxing. Sport is a challenge for many of us. We break through our mental and physical barriers.

We 'challenged' our employees to see how many kilometres they could cover by running, cycling or nordic walking. Our employees picked up the gauntlet and ...

... 9537.96 km! 

That is how many kilometres our employees collected during the 3-month sports challenge organised for them. Addit athletes had 3 categories to choose from: 

  •  Running, in which they ran a total of 2039.66 km.
  •  Cycling, in which they covered a total of 6533.12 km.
  •  Nording walking, in which they walked a total of 965.18 km.



Fotos were made by our employees during their activiy. 

We are very proud of our employees who supported this initiative. The aim of the fun was to ensure our employees were physically active and engaged in active sport together. "The sporting challenge created by Addit, activated the dormant layers of superhuman strength in me, which found a creative outlet. Thanks to the challenge, i know that it can be fun to fight my 'inner sloth', while at the same time instilling a healthy sense of sporting competition with other Participants.", recalls Mateusz, one of the participants who ran 118.35 km in the Bison Ultra Trail run in Suprasl. 

The challenge helped build teamwork, friendship and trust within our company.

Next time, accept the gauntlet, put on your shoes and set off on a healthy route with us! 

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