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Addit Sp. z o. o.


28  May  2021

Addit builds another hall

Investments and continuous development are an important part of our strategy. Work is currently underway on the construction of another production hall in Addit. The new hall, similar to the one built in the previous year, will have an area of 5 000  m².

In the new building there will be an assembly department allocated as well as offices and social facilities. This will free up space in current location of this department, which will be used for development of stainless steel and aluminum processing department.

Completion of construction works is planned for August 2021. So still this year the hall will be fully equipped and functional.

The new building is located in a complex that includes a stainless steel and aluminum processing department, a surface treatment department, an assembly department and a logistics department. After completion of construction works total area of the complex will be 22 000 m2 and the total production area Addit will have at its disposal will be over 37 000 m².

The new hall will be the third building completed in the last three years. Such fast and dynamic development is possible thanks to our clients and business partners, who appreciate our commitment and support we give them. Thanks to investments we also have an opportunity to work with new clients, whom we invite to cooperation with us.