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Addit Sp. z o. o.


20  September  2018

Balance of Change

Addit as a modern and open for market’s needs organisation is constantly changing and adjusting to the reality that surrounds us. Company cares also about the balance of development not only of a body, but also of a spirit. Recenlty at our premises two pieces of art designed by Dutch artist Ruud Simons have been installed, including the sculpture called “Balance of Change".
This is how the artist himself speaks about his masterpiece: “The title and form of the sculpture refers to the manner, in which Jan and Jeanne Velmans together with Marian Klimek as well as management and employees of Addit carry out big changes in their company. Even despite external influences that may often disturb this balance. Constant searching for harmony, opposing static factors with dynamic ones, transparency rather than protecting isolation, courage and perseverance, strength and sensitivity, determination and commitment are all essential aspects that affect design.
Abstract art does not depict existing situation permanently, but it has an interacting force that allows us to imagine larger, more universal concepts as described above in form, material and space. Abstract art has a feature that allows you to recall more and more new connotations, so that you can justify their presence in the future.The observing of art is not a passive activity, but one that forces the observer to an active and empathetic role, in which one must use his senses as tools for understanding the work of art. Emotions experienced during observing an artwork, tell more about a viewer rather than about a work of art itself. Art is therefore a mirror of the soul”.

To get more information about the artist, visit his website