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Addit Sp. z o. o.


7  November  2018

Company Ball 2018

For the 23rd time  employees and accompanying persons have enjoyed themselves at the annual Addit ball. According to tradition, the ceremony began with the honoring of employees celebrating their work jubilees in our organization. The prizes were also given to those who have been the best in terms of applying the 5S rules on a daily base. Naturally, the owner of the company, Jan Velmans, participated the party together with his wife Jeanne. This year, during the event, we had an extra touch. Jan Velmans, on the occasion of his round anniversary, received a birthday cake from the employees and a special gift – an exceptional bell made in a bell foundry in Węgrów. Then, all of the guests sang the ‘Happy Birthday’ song. According to Jan Velmans, "whoever works hard should also have fun,” and so it was, the dances lasted almost until dawn.

Thank you all for participating and having fun together. We hope that in the next year we will meet in an even wider circle.