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22  July  2022

Competence development of assembly employees according to IPC/WHMA-A-620C standard

Employees are the heart of every company. We are well aware that in a modern company, the recipe is the machine park, which goes hand in hand with the development of employee competence. Addit makes it possible for employees to continuously develop, to further their education.  Addit organizes training based on the needs of the individual employee.

Last week, ten of our employees from the assembly department took part in a training course conducted by RENEX EEC (this company has many years of experience in the electronics industry). Participants took part in a workshop on soldering according to the IPC/WHMA-A-620C standard. The training consisted of a theoretical and practical part, and its purpose was to expand and gain knowledge on manual soldering of wires and cables.


All trainees completed the training by passing an exam to confirm the skills they had acquired. As a result, the range of services we offer continues to expand. 

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