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Addit Sp. z o. o.


23  March  2023

Entrepreneurship Day at Addit

In Addit on 22th of March the Entrepreneurship Day took place.

Entrepreneurship Day is a wonderful opportunity for high school students to visit different companies in the area they live and experience working in a profession they are interested in. The visit enables young people to spend a day at a chosen company, what allows them to verify their educational plans and impression of  their dream job.

During this day our guests had the opportunity to talk with Addit’s employees and reach the information about the education, skills or predispositions necessary to perform the profession. Pupils get acquainted with the organization of the company.

The guests could get to know with various professions (such as an engineer, a welder, a grinder or a CNC machine operator, etc) and explore their hobbies. We strongly believe that a visit to the company will be an invaluable help in choosing a career path and will make it easier to decide on the right course of study or useful courses.

We are glad that the Entrepreneurship Day at Addit contributed to raise awareness among young people about career opportunities in Węgrów. We wish all the students future with passion. We assure you that the knowledge gained during this day will be invaluable in their future career.  


Pictured above are students from the Adam Mickiewicz High School in Węgrów taking on the roles of client team members for a day. One day is an anither and very beautiful