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Addit Sp. z o. o.


12  April  2022

Further improvement in our logistics department

The time for pallet bundling process improvements has come. After several tests Addit has decided to use  ErgoPack , mobile strapping device, delivered by  the only authorized dealer in Poland,  BOSKY . It means for us the more ergonomic packaging from now on.

The machine is simple to handle. The machine clips the package reliably: nothing slips or slides around, so that the transported loads are stable and safe during the transportation. Thanks to the modern software, the packaging process is now more intuitive and efficient. This solution combines the care of the customer’s expectations and health protection of our employees. 

Why did it get to us?

We have various types of pallets and products. We were curious if banding even of non-standard and different sized packages and pallets could be banded faster than strapping manually. The answer  is YES. It will  allow  to  reduce strapping time significantly.

As a result, Addit has joined the group of satisfied clients.

Are you curious how does the strapping pallet work? Watch the video on our LinkedIn!