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Addit Sp. z o. o.


18  August  2017

Industry 4.0

We are proud to announce that the production hall of an area of 6 000m2, which has been under construction in last months has successfully passed all acceptance procedures and it is already set for use. This means Addit currently possess’ 26 000m2 of production area .
In the new facility we are launching the Smart Factory project as part of the strategy Industry 4.0.

In recent years the demand for products has changed substantially. The market constantly needs new products, it is increasingly widespread matching the product to the needs of the customer and far reaching products individualization. Hence suppliers need to realize shorter production batches. These market expectations will change our lives and the world of work also in the field of sheet metal processing. 
Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 strategy is the answer to the changing market. Digital transformation within this concept offers network solutions that bring great potential for optimization. It combines the different components within the production, optimizes the process and reduces the time.

Addit has started the investment process to implement this strategy. The new hall has already been built and commissioned. In the following months an automatic sheet metal raw materials warehouse will be delivered and placed in it as well as laser cutting machines and punch - laser cutting combination machines, which will be combined with the warehouse with automation system.
In addition the new production area will include press brakes with automatic tool change and automatic angle measurement. The whole will be integrated with an IT system so that after receiving a 3D model from the customer we will be able to complete the whole process of technological preparation in a few minutes.
The production control system will start manufacturing of the products at the exact moment and in the quantity ordered by the customer. Thanks to the dynamic nesting of products on the sheet, we will be able to apply a single sheet format which will improve the supply of raw materials, reduce inventory and allow optimal use of the material.
Novelty throughout the project is a significant reduction in machine set up times, which will reduce production costs for short series. At the end of the process there will be production cells of item groups oriented on a type of elements or a specifics of an industry. The elements of the production management philosophy of Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) will be used to manage this area.