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Addit Sp. z o. o.


28  November  2017

Innovative LVD press brake in Addit

First of two LVD press brakes with automatic tool change and laser angle measurement has been delivered to Addit’s bending department.
ToolCell Edge Press is a robust precision press equipped with state-of-the-art hydraulic and electronic offered in a multi-axis configuration.
It has an integrated automatic tool change reducing the machine's setup time maximizing throughput and performance for short production batches.
The machine features the patented Easy-Form ® Laser - real-time process monitoring during bending and automatic correction to ensure that each and every product including the first one is correct and precise. 
ToolCell comes up with a tendency to reduce batch size and shorten lead time as well as the need to increase throughput in order to enable reducing stock level and to implement Just In Time production, which is exact amount at the moment on the production line.
ToolCell also facilitates the development of the production department eliminating necessity of searching for the most qualified personnel in the field of setting up press brakes.
LVD machine is the first one from the planned investments to implement the Industry 4.0 concept at Addit.