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Addit Sp. z o. o.


11  October  2022

Integreted safety at Addit

Addit is proud to welcome to our machine park the E-Brake 300T Ultra Dual Drive press brake from  SAFANDARLEY, a leader in the manufacture of press brakes. New machine is used to bend your steel metal parts up to 3 mm thick with a maximum length of 4100 mm. Press brake forces of up to 300 tons, slide stroke up to 400 mm with a maximum press opening height of 790 mm.

SAFANDARLEY E-Brake series press brakes have an electric drive. This means that the machine only consumes electricity when the slide is going down. The machine's main motor is automatically shut down when the machine has downtime. This ensures an optimal production cycle with minimal start-up time, and also contributes to reducing CO2 emissions. We are focused on the environment, so an environmentally friendly machine was important to us during selecting the press brake. The press brake has a servo-electronic system - it is not driven by oil, and has no tank, pump, seals, valves and filters.

The machine is integrated. It is controlled by a luminous safety screen that is linked to the SafanDarley E-Control controls. The SafanDarley E-Control is fully touch-sensitive, with the 21-inch screen showing only the buttons that are needed during operation. Our employees work more safely thanks to the programmable light curtain that is built into the bending press.

SAFANDARLEY E-Brake is consistent with our strategy HIGH MIX, LOW VOLUME, HIGH COMPLEXITY.

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