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Addit Sp. z o. o.


30  April  2021

New quality of painting at Addit

The construction of a new painting line in our company, which has been underway since the fourth quarter of year 2020, has just ended. In April this year in Addit a new integrated installation for the powder and wet coating was launched. The area of our paint shop has increased three times and now covers 5 000 m2. Thanks to this we can still offer our customers the highest quality of surface treatment.

The new investment allowed us to achieve many benefits, including:
- tripling of capacity of the paint shop;
- ensuring the highest level of paint coating quality through increased control of the parameters of all stages of the process: washing, drying, varnishing, polymerization;
- increasing the level of repeatability of the process;
- increasing line efficiency indicators and production flexibility thanks to modern paint application systems as well as more efficient surface preparation and product transport technology;
- increasing the level of environmental friendliness of painting processes thanks to powder recovery and cascade heat recovery in the oven;
- process control using QR codes and transport in the Power & Free system.

The new painting line was designed and built in accordance with the concept of Industry 4.0. One of the few suppliers that could meet our technological requirements turned out to be Indufinish together with Railtechniek. Together with our partners we have developed the best concept for the entire investment from the point of view of the "High Mix Low Volume" strategy.

Thanks to the modernization our paint shop has become one of the most modern installations of this type in Europe, providing our customers with an even higher level of quality and process stability, simultaneously expanding our technological capabilities for surface treatment.

More information about our new painting installation can be found in Surface treatment section.