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20  December  2022

New turning machine

Lately we have enlarge our machinery park by numerical lathe CLX 450 produced by DMG MORI. Thanks to this investment, the possibilities of machining department has significantly increased.

4-axes turning machine possesses:

  • numerical control with driven tools, a C-axis, a Y-axis and a counter-spindle (which ensure advanced turn-mill machining of complex parts),
  • the solid fastening the counter spindle allows optimum machining and ensures repeatability of the workpieces,
  • Y-axis with a traverse range of ± 60 mm,
  • through clamping mechanism for turning chucks with a spindle diameter of 80 mm,
  • the spindle drive with a power of 25.5 kW and a torque of 426 Nm,
  • 12-position tool head (turret);
  • maximum spindle speed up to 4000 rpm,
  • recommended turning diameter is up to 300 mm and maximum up to 400 mm,
  • the length of turning is up to 800 mm,
  • the classifier of machined parts with a maximum size of 80 x 200 mm and a maximum weight of 4 kg (the classifier increases the efficiency of the production process and reduces the time of production of parts).

The machine tool has an IoTconnector that enables digitized and connected production processes. It is automated. The latest SIEMENS 840D with ShopTurn control with DMG MORI Multi-Touch® touch control panel 19’’allows you to program the machine quickly and intuitively. The modern 3D control makes it possible to simulate the machining process before its implementation.

Short foto report of the machine’s installation: