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Addit Sp. z o. o.


4  November  2022

VT2 training

We are producing at Addit more and more products that comply with EN ISO 5817 (steel) and EN ISO 10042 (aluminum) standards, so we are increasing the number of employees with VT2 certification. By growing with our business partners, we educate our specialists. The diversity of our services with the combination of our employees knowledge and experience is perfectly consistent with our strategy HIGH MIX, LOW VOLUME, HIGH COMPLEXITY.

Comprehensive service to our business partner is our priority. Training confirmed by VT certification to EN ISO 9712 gives us qualified personel to inspect welds and determine their quality standard. Our welders and quality department inspectors are competent to:

  • prepare VT test instructions,
  • carry our welds visual inspections,
  • identify weld imperfections,
  • evaluate the results obtained.

At Addit we place immense value on the quality of its products, we check our detalis from start to finish.