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Addit Sp. z o. o.


28  May  2024

We assemble your fasteners

We provide a wide range of assembly services for various industries. We take care of the aesthetics of the connections, continuously improving various assembly techniques. We have recently added a new machine to our machinery park, a hydraulic press responsible for pressing fasteners to improve the machining process we have.

The HAEGER machine is capable of pressing fasteners in various shapes and sizes. In addition, device opens up the possibility of a range of applications. This machine is able not only to clinch, rivet, press but also assemble, emboss, punch and clamp. The modular automatic feeding system feed nuts, studs and standoffs in sizes ranging from M2 to M10. The maximum length of the studs and standoffs is 40mm. The maximum pressure is 8 tons, which enables the processing of large components.

The machine can press 2000 fasteners per hour. The Automatic Bottom Feed J-Frame is used for pressing fasteners on hard-to-reach flanges. The press has been designed with maximum optimization in mind, while offering high handing performance and reliability.

We have been environmentally conscious for years. The machine is equipped with an energy-saving system. It has many safety features, such as the Positive Stop system for the cylinder, to provide protection for machine operators. The system provides an easy, adjustable method for precisely maintaining the stopping point of the machine's actuator. This also contributes to the repeatability of fastener assembly.