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Addit Sp. z o. o.


12  April  2024

Corrosion resistance testing

In connection with the purchase of a salt chamber, our employees participated in training on conducting corrosion resistance tests of metals coated with paint coatings according to the PN EN ISO 9227 standard. The training was conducted by Rafał Lutze from the Łukasiewicz Warszawski Instytut Technologiczny. We sincerely thank him for the vast knowledge and pleasant atmosphere.

We are continuously educating ourselves, developing our skills to ensure comprehensive service and the highest quality of manufactured parts for our clients.  

Corrosion tests in salt chambers offered at Addit will allow us to assess how parts made of sheet metal with paint coatings perform in conditions where salt corrosion occurs. We assure our customers of the quality of our products and resistance to corrosive operating conditions.

We are expanding our scope to include the following tests:

  • Corrosion resistance to acidic salt spray – AASS – according to ISO 9227:2017-06
  • Cataclysm test – resistance to wet overlay according to PN-EN 13253-27:2017-05
  • Corrosion resistance test to neutral salt spray – NSS – additionally to ASTM B117-19 standard.

As well as the following evaluations:

  • Coating adhesion assessment according to PN EN ISO 2409:2021-03
  • Degree of blistering assessment according to PN EN ISO 4628-2:2016-03
  • Degree of rusting assessment according to PN EN ISO 4628-3:2016-03
  • Degree of cracking assessment according to PN EN ISO 4628-4:2016-03
  • Degree of flaking assessment according to PN EN ISO 4628-5:2016-03
  • Degree of rusting around scratches assessment according to PN EN ISO 4628-8:2013-05.

Test results provide specific data for assessing the quality and resistance of metallic materials. The material, which is Metal, guarantees durability. The processing that Metal undergoes at ADDIT ensures quality and reliability. Obtained certificates, attestations, and training guarantee safety, and the eco-friendly business model is an expression of responsibility for future generations.