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Addit Sp. z o. o.


25  March  2024

Enhancing measurement methods

Lately Addit has made an attractive purchasing!

Addit is introducing a new way of presenting measurement data for its business partners. The company has acquired the state-of-the-art 3D scanner MetraSCAN Black Elite from Creaform.

The 3D scanner is a device what goes beyond the limits of traditional measurement methods. 

With this device:

  • Addit speeds up the process. The 3D scanner will allow it to accurately and quickly collect geometric data, especially with your complex products.
  • Addit further increases its flexibility. Conventional measurement methods have limitations in terms of size. With the 3D scanner, no product, not even the largest, will intimidate the company!
  • Addit advances in new technologies. The 3D scanner opens the door to reverse engineering. It will enable it to analyze and reconstruct existing elements for which documentation is lacking.

Soon,  Addit’s employees and its clients will be able to enjoy the full benefits of this new tool!

Currently, Addit is in the process of training our staff in operating the 3D scanner and is working on the first details produced by the company. 

Thank you for your interest, and stay tuned to follow our progress!