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Addit Sp. z o. o.


15  June  2022

Expansion of smart factory line

We have added another LVD press brake to our machine park and thus improved our production. The PPEB press brake is the most technologically advanced of the CNC-controlled press brakes. The TOUCH-B control has such features as: graphic programming, automatic collision detection and connection to the LVD Cadman®-B external programming software. This makes it possible to check the feasibility before starting production.


The machine is featured with the patented Easy-Form® laser system. This allows symmetrical bending, even for longer parts. In addition, the compensation of the deflection of the press brake and the bending beam determines the required values and a reduction of the edge marks on the workpiece.  Easy-Form monitors the angle of the bend in real time and provides instant feedback to the TOUCH-B control so that each part is formed at the correct angle right from the first bend. Automatic correction ensures precision and repeatability of the bend.  Maximum bending length is between 1.5 metres and 8 metres. LVD's system offers both parallel and non-parallel bending edges. The press brake operates in multi-axis configurations for the ultimate in bending flexibility. The outstanding precision naturally shortens the job turnaround time.