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Addit Sp. z o. o.


30  November  2023

Robotic abrasive blasting chamber

Heading towards Industry 4.0, we have purchased another robotic abrasive blasting chamber, the CABILUX from SciTeeX company, a well-known machine manufacturer. The machine is adjusted to working with glass or ceramic beads. The sandblasting process performed at Addit is using professionally equipped chambers. The machine is dedicated to processing workpieces with a diameter of 0.8 m and a height of 1.2 m. The internal dimensions of the chamber are as follows (L x W x H): 4300 x 2900 x 2750 mm. The overall dimensions are (L x W x H): 5048 x 3906 x 3406 mm.


Picture was taken by SciTeeX.

The robotic abrasive blasting chamber is equipped with a "Smart Start" energy-saving feature. This allows for automatic reduction of electricity consumption during breaks in the blasting process. The blasting chamber has a dust filter, which is used for keeping the environmental clean and contaminant free. The lighting is integrated with the control system, with the ability to deactivate it during the process to save energy.

The abrasive blasting chamber has a KUKA industrial robot, which has a positioning system for the blasting nozzle. The robot is mechanically and electronically integrated with the blasting chamber control system. Thanks to the robot, we achieve repeatability of the process as well as consistent quality and surface roughness of the parts. The control cabinet is equipped with a Siemens PLC and HMI control system, which offers functions to facilitate operation, servicing and quality control.


Picture was taken by SciTeeX.