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Addit Sp. z o. o.


We constantly focus on the comprehensiveness and flexibility of our partners' services. We provide support from the design stage, through the implementation of the prototype, to the production of the 0-series and implementing the serial production.

     Addit Sp. z o.o. works in close cooperation with  Post en Dekker, a Dutch system developer company. Our partner gets direct access to Addit's prototyping, manufacturing and assembly capacity. On the other hand, extensive design competencies of a system developer with such extensive experience give Addit Sp. z o.o. the ability to even better support the client in translating the project into a functionally good idea that can be manufactured in a technologically and cost-optimized manner. Together we will lead our partners through all phases of the project, including: specification and outline the customer needs, define the KPI, risk analyses, FEM analyses and simulations, project validation, 3D and 2D engineering, prototype manufacturing.

When implementing new projects, prototyping and preparing the muster parts are an important step.

     Our Prototypes and Express Services Department will provide comprehensive services in this area. It is a qualified, experienced and independent team consisting of both direct and indirect employees, with a dedicated and optimally equipped machine park.

We prepare 0-series as well as implement and manage serial production by adapting the logistics model suitable for our customers.

We are here at your disposal.